Re: Does the bug tracker actually work?

Martin Baulig <> writes:

> Owen Taylor <> writes:
> > Of course, we shouldn't be discarding bug reports if there is
> > any hope that we can get information out of them 
> There's also a big design problem with the current bug tracking system.
> When you get the same bug reported 100 times then you basically have no
> other choice than to close them all and to report this bug _once yourself_
> with whathever information you could find in the 100 other ones.
> You cannot just merge them since they'll still be listed there and you don't
> see the real bugs any longer.
> For instance, after cleaning up the GTop bug list, I found some real bugs
> which I'll even be able to fix.

Bugzilla handles this better. If you mark a bug as duplicate, then the
duplicate bug is flagged as resolved, and a notation and pointer is
added to the original bug.


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