Re: Why GTK+ vs. GNOME?

* Franck Martin ( wrote at 18:24 on 11/08/00:
> My mistake...
> KDE does not run on windows. Only Qt runs on both... But I think the KDE
> team makes more difference between Qt and KDE.
> Troll has also spoken about porting Qt directly to the SVGA Linux library.
> So no more need for X. Off course you loose all the nice stuff of X but it
> is much smaller in size and may be it is the way to go on PDA's...

1) Elliot Sopwith is working on linux framebuffer support for Gtk+ I believe

2) There are projects such as nano-X that are targetted towards 'small

3) X has proven to be able to run on PDA's (Look at the Compaq iPAQ) - I also
here that 'Linux wristwatch' was able to run X.

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