Re: helix setup tools?

> > I maybe wrong here, but this seems to be a
> > good solution for me. It also solves the case of Helix Code being
> > bought by some less-ethical corporation, in which case the FSF could
> > claim property of at least a part of the code and prevent this code to
> > be proprietarized.
> If Helix is bought by a less-ethical corporation, the existing code
> base would still be licensed under the GPL.

The GPL has the advantage of making all further modifications free,
which is something you put at risk if you give your copyright to
someone else.
One thing you could do then is ask the people who are willing to do so
to license their programs under the Lesser GPL (or to sign an
agreement such as Helix Code could choose between the GPL and the
LGPL). The rest could be assigned to the FSF and be GPL'd. It seems
much simpler to me to do so.


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