Re: gsu (Was Re: More Political Stuff)

>>>>> "Havoc" == Havoc Pennington <> writes:

    Havoc> Is there now a working gsu we'd be comfortable shipping? We
    Havoc> should start using it if so.

Apparently not quite.  I was just looking at bonsai and it's all
(mostly) new code (arguably for the better). It doesn't seem to be
quite finished. Some problems with the new code (IMHO of course).  

It patches su.c that's shipped with a particular distro, which doesn't
help people that just want to download a util which just works now
(although I can see where having ensentially duplicate code in a
custom  su-helper might be the wrong idea too).

Second, it provides (only?) a corba interface for apps to use.  I
don't think this is needed at all.  You need to fork()/exec to run the
new process anyways so why not just fork()/exec() gsu?  Or wrap it in
a function that does the same?

Sorry if I sound harsh, the quick look I did at the code shows some
thought was put into how it should be implemented (I remember the
post to this list about this, but nothing public was ever said about
it or its accceptance).   The patch I submitted in *Febuary* was
working, I used it quite regularly for the last 6 months.

It doesn't really matter in the long run, I just want something that
works :) 

Vince Hodges                             "Beware geeks bearing diffs"

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