Re: GnomeAbout's themeability

On Wed, Feb 23, 2000 at 08:37:41AM -0600, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > I've heard plans about MegaTheme, a meta-theme for GNOME (that is,
> > libgnomeui, but all the regular users think gnome == libgnomeui (believe
> > me, I encounter this every day)). Would it make sense to make GnomeAbout
> > use GConf to read layout values and color settings from a GConf data
> > source? It would be really easy (I've made a test version, see
> > for a screenshot), since the
> > last time I messed with GnomeAbout, I've cleaned up all the hardcoded
> > layout values and changed them to CPP macros.
> I would think that any complicated about box really belongs in the
> application.  I do not think we want to write a super-ultra-complex
> about box.

Hi everyone, I'm new to this list.

I do agree, super-ultra-complex about boxes: not good.

However, I threw up this recommendation into the IRC channel a while
back though (should have filed a wishlist item or
something), it seemed to be received then though: What about adding an
gnome-href into the about, so developers could add links to their
homepage with the ease of just another gnome_about_new parameter? (And
users the ease of getting to a programs homepage with just a click)

Jason Leach

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