Re: Patches accepted?

Andrei Zmievski <> writes: 
> Which key modules are understaffed currently? I'm sure there are ones
> that need bug fixes and there are ones that lack specific functionality.
> Is there a sort of global TODO that people can look through to pick
> tasks?

There's which has a lot of things to do. I think all
the modules could use more people doing various things, but often half
of the task is figuring out exactly what it is that needs to be
done. ;-) GnomeIconList is a good example.

Gtk, gnome-libs, gnome-core, control-center, gnome-utils etc. 
could all use a lot of work. And of course there are the applications
like Gnumeric etc.

Speaking for gnome-libs, one task is working on the compatibility
library (try to compile gnome-libs 1.0 apps, see what things don't
work, add code to the compat library to try to fix it; or
alternatively, look at the ChangeLog and cvs diffs and see what's been
changed, and add compat routines when possible/necessary).

Another thing we could use help with is packaging for the various
platforms, as mentioned in this week's summary.

It's also very helpful to work on the FAQ, web site, answer mailing
list questions, and that sort of thing.


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