Re: Translations

Jeremy Wise wrote:
> I've got a few questions about translations, and I'm not sure if this is
> the right list to ask on.  GnomeICU is almost ready for the po files to be
> brought up to par before the 0.69 release.
> a) do i have to leave CVS alone (ie if i commit something after the po
> files are changed, do they have to be redone?)
As long as the commits don't change the actual strings I don't think
there will be problems. The only thing that would change in the .po
files would be the line numbers etc.

> b) who is in charge of translating?
Each language should have it's own coordinator of sorts. The best
way to get their attention is to post a message to

saying that gnomeicu is about to be released and if possible a timeframe
for the release.

> c) can they start working on it now, or do i have to have the 0.69 release
> ready?
If there are big changes going in before the release I think maybe it
would be wise (no pun intended) :) to commit them before posting to
the list.

Kjartan Maraas

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