Re: Missing libgnorba?

"David B. Lounsberry (Dave)" wrote:
> I am trying to build gnome-core from CVS and am having problems in 2
> places. I apologize if this has been previously discussed but I
> couldn't find this issue covered anywhere in the docs or mailing list
> archive. I have been away from GNOME developement for a while so
> excuse the newbie type question.
> When I run "autogen --prefix=/usr/local", everything goes well except
> it can not find my gnorba libraries:
> checking for gnorba libraries... Unknown library `gnorba'

You have probably gone ahead and installed the development branch
og gnome-libs. I wouldn't recommend that as just about nothing
compiles against it yet. libgnorba was recently removed from 
gnome-libs HEAD I think.

'cvs co -r gnome-core-1-0 gnome-core' is probably the one you
want to use.

Kjartan Maraas

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