Re: Frigging Packaging formats useless discussion

Derek Simkowiak wrote:
> > They want to click and be done and they are right. So leave it to
> > software makers to have installers that fit rpm/deb or just rpm for
> > all I care.
>         This is 'gnome-devel-list'.  The people on this list *are* the
> "software makers" that you refer to.
>         If you don't care, just delete the emails.  But package
> distribution is a very important topic.
Thats right.. just look at all those programs for Windows, that
come with some InstallShield installer.. You just have to select
where you want the software to land in your system and you are
For the pure user this is far enough.. And we never will win the
race to the desktop if we fail to make software distribution as
easy as it is over there in the windows world..


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