Re: window-in-window MDI

* Andreas Sliwka ( wrote:
> Thu, Mar 16, 2000 at 10:04:02PM +0000, Tom Gilbert wrote:
> > > Thatīs not a thing of choice but of bad coding style, nothing else.
> > > No toolkit can save the coder from being stupid. 
> > No? Are we not making that very decision?
> > 
> > WiW is stupid UI. So don't let people use it and sully GNOME's name :)
> And thatīs where you wrong, I think: You want to make a decision that is
> solely for the user. I dont like the tabbed WiW, thats great, I dont use
> it. But I have the choice to use it or not. And thats far more important
> than simply saying "this or that suckz"

What? I don't understand that paragraph. What point are you trying to

I am saying that a program should not be able to say "I am WiW MDI".
It is accepted that it's bad UI, so why let apps use it?

I'm not saying "this or that suckz". I am saying that the *entire* IT
industry is moving away from it. Why are we moving *towards* it?

As I already said, it breaks fundamental app/wm/X interactions. This
is the most important point. GNOME should only break fundamentaly
standard behaviours if there is a substantial benefit to be gained. It
should not be done for a backwards step.

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