libart & colinearity spew

OK, so I want to use libart to paint into a canvas.  I define a path
consisting of a sequence of ART_MOVETO, ART_LINETO, ART_LINETO, ...,
ART_MOVETO, ART_LINETO, ..., ART_END path elements, defining a set
of line segments and polygons. 

When I call art_svp_vpath_stroke(), libart replies with a stream of
"colinear!" and "x_order_2: colinear!" messages to stdout.

Despite the excited! spew, my path renders properly.  Everything looks
just like it should; libart is just a bit more talkative than I'd

I looked at the libart sources, but I wasn't illuminated.  Is this a
problem?  Is the a work-around to avoid these annoying messages?


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