Re: Idea for a gnome developement center

On Wed, May 03, 2000 at 11:07:37PM +0200, Roberto Majadas wrote:
> El miť, 03 may 2000, escribiste:
> > Yes, such an application would be very nice, although quite ambitious.  Have
> > you looked at gIDE ( and Glade (
> Yes I have seen gIDE and Glade .... and I love this projects . But I think that
> we must unify all this project in a only IDE . But don't remove this projects .
> Integrating this projects in a only IDE as components . And give the posibility
> to the other developers to develop another components for this IDE . And if
> this components will be plug-ins imagine the possibilities for the companies
> and organization . Allways under GPL of course . 
> When I said all this wizards I thought to make a homogeneus IDE . But I'd like
> that gide , glade , gnome-edit and another projects will be included in this
> project . But allways allways maintain the independence between projects . 

Although it isn't very visible, there _is_ work being done on creating such
a thing. Both gIDE and my mooonsooon project are working towards being (more)

If you want to help, join the gnome-devtools mailing-list
( or
join #devel-apps on


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