Re: Fix del key patch for Gnome-Terminal

Alan Shutko <> writes:

> Ali Abdin <> writes:
> > It does appear to be a gnome-terminal brokeness because EVERYTHING ELSE
> > WORKS. Every Gtk+ widget supports this, Every GNOME widget supports this.
> > Every (X) application I've tried supports this. So it does appear to be an
> > isolated problem with gnome-terminal.
> Does it work in xterm, rxvt, eterm, etc?  Terminals handle backspace
> and delete (and function keys and a bunch of other keys) a lot
> differently than X applications.  One problem with this thing in
> particular is that there's no clear standard as to what the Delete key
> should send on a terminal.

Is a pretty good "standard" for this. Red Hat 6.2 follows it.

(For gnome-terminal on Red Hat 6.2, the "Swap Backspace and Delete" setting
should be checked for proper operation.)


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