Re: GConf

Loban Rahman <> writes:
> > You could write your own simple wrapper that can handle the registry on
> > win32 and GConf on *nix. Shouldn't be too difficult.
> Actually, here is another idea. Havoc's feature Gnome article mentions
> that GConf can have replacable backends. Currently the only backend
> available is XML-formatted text files. How about someone writes
> a win32-only backend that just uses the Window's registry.
> This would ease porting apps from *nix to windows and vice-versa.

It's not a bad idea, but it doesn't really help with the problem of
porting GConf to Windows (the XML data storage backend should already
work fine on Windows, so moving to the registry for that doesn't solve
any portability problem).

Of course a registry-backended GConf would have nasty limitations on
data size and other such stuff that standard GConf doesn't have. ;-)


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