Re: GConf

> > Actually, here is another idea. Havoc's feature Gnome article mentions
> > that GConf can have replacable backends. Currently the only backend
> > available is XML-formatted text files. How about someone writes
> > a win32-only backend that just uses the Window's registry.
> > This would ease porting apps from *nix to windows and vice-versa.
> It's not a bad idea, but it doesn't really help with the problem of
> porting GConf to Windows (the XML data storage backend should already
> work fine on Windows, so moving to the registry for that doesn't solve
> any portability problem).
> Of course a registry-backended GConf would have nasty limitations on
> data size and other such stuff that standard GConf doesn't have. ;-)

True, it was more of a suggestion to help port Win Apps to *nix and vv.

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