Re: global (MacOS Style) menubar applet

Iain wrote:
> I'll keep an eye out for the people who were on #gnome and trying to write it.


> However, I think it needs Bonobo ideas, and would probably need a whole load of bonobo stuff
> in it.

I'll take your word on that, I pretty new to the GNOME code base

> > Since this feature proposed is an option, and also I think UI's are
> > fairly subjective things, I'm not going to get into a discussion here on
> > specifics. I can only say that of the desktop user interfaces I've used
> > (Windows, GNOME, MacOs) MacOs has been by far the most pleasent
> > experience (although GNOME is getting better all the time ;).
> Like I said in another mail, there has to be a line between good and bad options. And I feel
> that this fell into the bad option category (for the reasons I outlined). I would also imagine
> that this option wasn't what made the MacOS the most pleasent, unless you were running it the
> way I described in the last mail.

Actually this was one of the features I liked of the Mac. It's not just
that the menu is at the top and this eliminates the redundency of a menu
per app, but it was also the window management I liked.  The details are
fuzzy, beacuse I don't own a Mac, I've used Macs in school mainly. As I
remember the desktop becomes sort of like a workspace for the particular
app. This works well in my opinion in creating a MDI style interface.
Photoshop is a very nice example of a MDI interface on a Mac. The
desktop is your main window and your palletes, toolbars, images, and
other windows can be placed as you like. The really nice thing that I
remember is all other applications had disapeared when you were working
in photoshop, so there wasn't the clutter of other windows. I think
MacOS X has relaxed this a bit(from reading through the docs), you can
mix windows from apps, and there is standard menu item to bring your
windows to the front. I think the main advantage to menu bar at the top
is in creating a MDI style interface. Some of the things other people
have mentioned are nice too.

> But like I said, I have no problems with you writing it (*), I have more problems with the UI squads
> implication that it should be a major part of a gnome core release.
> iain
> (*)Although I wouldn't use it (which you could have guessed :)...



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