Re: [BUG]: MDI not showing menu hints!

Jaka Mocnik wrote:
> Manuel Clos wrote:
> > Actually something is broken with GNOME then.  I tracked it to their
> > code.  You can't set up menuhints with a MDI app because they don't
> > set the uiinfo but instead use dynamic so you would have to reinstall
> > after every child.  I assume that someone could figure out how to
> > add it to GNOME and send a patch to them, because it don't look
> > like something to fix at gtk-- level.
> you can reinstall menuhints for the MDI menus after each new GnomeApp
> widget is created (in a signal handler for app_created signal) in a
> similar way reinstall the hints for the child menus after each child
> change. what exactly is wrong with that? you can take a look at
> ghex/src/main.c for an example.

I'm already doing the install_menu_hints thing in the app_created_impl
func. It's not a problem of using MDI in C, but using it with gnome--
(C++ wrapper). It works with a Gnome::App, but it does not work
with a Gnome::MDI. Karl Nelson (gtk--/gnome-- maintainer) looked at it,
the explanation why it doesn work is above.

Does this clarify things?

Hope so. If any other information is needed, please tell me.

Manuel Clos,
llanero jazzfree com

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