Re: [BUG]: MDI not showing menu hints!

Manuel Clos wrote:

> I'm already doing the install_menu_hints thing in the app_created_impl
> func. It's not a problem of using MDI in C, but using it with gnome--
> (C++ wrapper). It works with a Gnome::App, but it does not work
> with a Gnome::MDI. Karl Nelson (gtk--/gnome-- maintainer) looked at it,
> the explanation why it doesn work is above.
> Does this clarify things?
No, it doesn't. I don't really understand the 

> > > You can't set up menuhints with a MDI app because they don't
> > > set the uiinfo but instead use dynamic so you would have to reinstall
> > > after every child.

part. Set what uiinfo? Reinstall what? The hints for the child menus
_do_ have to be reinstalled after each child change.



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