MacOS style menu

Hi there,

I've written a very very simple hack to get the menu from a gnome app 
displayed on top of the screen... It's a very dirty trick and I'm shure 
you'll be thoroughly disgusted if you read the code... please be patient, 
it's my very fist hack... 
Now is anybody interested?
I would like to add an option in the control center but of course I don't 
really know how. Finally, a chap on #gnome rightfully said that it would be 
cool if the menu hinted the app owning it by showing a little icon. I skimmed 
the tasklist code but frankly I still don't get it!

As far as I know X stores a list of pixmaps representing the windows' icons. 
I can ask X for my window's icon and the server returns an int. Is this an 
index for a list? How do I get a pointer to the data  
gdk_create_pixmap_from_data wants?

Pitifully simple questions I know but... 

See ya!
Edoardo Causarano

I'd rather have two girls at 21 each than one at 42

		W. C. Fields

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