RE: what OS are you guys using?

I just installed Ximian.  Amazingly enough, things are compiling correctly
now... thank you all very much.


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On Dec 20 12:13, Clancy, Shane W. wrote:
> I am constantly running into problems trying to build gnome/gtk apps
> the operating systems I have tried are using incredibly old libraries.
> have tried developing on Mandrake 8.1 and Red Hat 7.2 and neither has
> libraries that could be described as current.  Could someone tell me
> operating system I should be using?

Im using Debian sid (unstable) myself and it keeps me on the cutting
of gnome development with great ease. But for you using Red Hat, I found
this link that looks like something that provides more up-to-date
for Red Hat in rpms:

Else you could try Ximian gnome.

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