Re: canvas rich text widget?

On Wed, 31 Jan 2001, Bibek Sahu wrote:

> On Wed, 31 Jan 2001, Bibek Sahu wrote:
> > 	Oooh... and the code is already intended for use in the text canvas
> > item.  How nice.  :-)
> 	Though now that I'm looking at it, I do have a couple of questions:
> 	(1) does the layout support wrapping around other things?  I recall
> seeing a little test proggy that wrapped text around some other stuff, so
> I'm inclined to believe yes... but I also thought that was used via. the
> Gnome Canvas, which this certainly isn't doing.

Yeah, that was my thingo from way back

Ok, since then I've add multiple fonts, text flow through columns, a
constraint based layout system (so you specify the relationships between
elements rather than their location), image loading, partial svp support,
and bugfixes...

I'm actually packing up to go away for a week, and life has been a bit
hecktic since fmII so I won't be able to get a snapshot up until next week
(but may be able to convince my collegue to do it for me).  The code is
all GPLd and based upon libart, freetype 2 and gdk_pixbuf(not gnome
canvas).  I intend to add pango support, and I have some constraint based
pagination code almost working.

My aims are slightly different to the text-canvas thing but I intend to
fold back features when things settle down a bit.  I am also looking into
using raph's new fitz as a back end.


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