Re: canvas rich text widget?

On Fri, Feb 02, 2001 at 03:17:37PM +1100, Nathan Hurst wrote:

> I'm actually packing up to go away for a week, and life has been a bit
> hectic since fmII so I won't be able to get a snapshot up until next week
> (but may be able to convince my colleague to do it for me).

Colleague here...

My own todo list has exploded somewhat over the past couple of days, so
I can't justify tarpaulin work just at the moment.

However, it's all CVS-able from
  :pserver:anonymous bowman csse monash edu au:/home/cvsroot/tarpaulin
Password is `anonymous'.

Main application is called `xmltest' (hmm, should probably be renamed).
Examples are in cases/ (look in both the source directory and in
builddir/cases if you use a separate build directory).


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