SIGSEGV's in gnomecc-1.2.2

Hi folks,

I get SIGSEGV's when I try to run gnomecc-1.2.2 using
enlightenment-0.16.5 on i586-sco-sysv5uw7.1.1, and I
never see the control center.

Though gnomecc doesn't show up, I do see a popup window
with the SIGSEGV error message and the process number.

I'm currently trying to compile gdb, hoping that someone
can tell me how to rightly use it to get you an output, but
gdb-5.0 had 224 unexpected testsuite failures, so I'm not sure that
I want to unleash it.  Please advise.

UnixWare 7 has truss, so I can give you a trace, it seems, but I can't 
open a gnome-terminal either, so I don't know if a truss is possible.  
A black gnome-terminal window pops open for 1/10 sec., then disappears.
Please advise on how go about debugging gnomecc.


========== My Gnome setup ======================
I compiled every application from    .../latest/stable/sources,
using gcc, gnu-make-3.79.1, and binutils-2.10.1.
I am not runing any cvs apps from

I compiled gnomecc-1.2.2 like this:

    1)  config.guess guesses the correct host.

    2)  vi gnomecc-1.2.2/configure, Line 3202, 

            from this:  LIBS="-lgnomeui $LIBS"
            to this:    LIBS="-lgnomeui -lsocket -lnsl $LIBS"
        so that the gnome_window_icon_set_default_from_file check succeeds.
    3)  LDFLAGS=-L/usr/local/BerkeleyDB/lib LIBS="-lsocket -lnsl -pthread" \
        ./configure --x-libraries=/usr/X/lib --x-includes=/usr/X/include \

    4)  gmake          (where gmake = /usr/local/bin/make)
    5)  gmake check
    6)  gmake install

    7)  find /usr/local -type d -perm 700 -ok chmod 755 {} \;
          because the install program doesn't set the correct permissions 
          on the directories is creates, though it correctly sets the 
          permissions to 644 on all the files it copies there.

    8)  I copied the output of this whole build to three files:


        in case anybody gets a hankering for some ascii.

Thanks again,

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