Re: idea: special menuitem in MenuBar of each gnome application

Alan Shutko wrote:

Most programs will benefit from customization (even the kind seen ten
years ago on MS Office for the Mac where you can change menu and
toolbar order) but as we've seen, it's sufficiently difficult to allow
such customization that most app developers won't do it unless an
existing framework makes it easy.

Most is not *all* though. I'd have thought it would be better to make more specific changes, like toolbars that can be easily setup to be configurable, rather than requiring all apps to have a feature that may or may not be relevant to the app.

Sure, it's possible that users will customize their apps such that
it's inconsistent with other people or the default.  But we have
customizable window managers, a customizable panel, customizable
menus, customizable shell, customizable keybindings.  If UI
consistency is the point, damn the users, we should get rid of all of

Are you saying (to name one example) that you *like* the fact that mozilla is skin-able? Personally I think the inconsistency with the rest of my Gnome desktop makes it look ugly...

And as for everything already being customizable - a glance around the computer science labs in my University shows the majority of people haven't even changed their background image, let alone their panel, theme, window manager, etc.

Of course the best thing to do would be for someone to code up Vlad's suggestion and then people can decide if it's A Good Thing or not more objectively...



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