Re: idea: special menuitem in MenuBar of each gnome application

Lee Mallabone <lee fonicmonkey net> writes:

> Most is not *all* though. I'd have thought it would be better to make
> more specific changes, like toolbars that can be easily setup to be
> configurable, rather than requiring all apps to have a feature that
> may or may not be relevant to the app.

My point is that developers may not _think_ that UI customization is
relevant to their app, but users may disagree.

> Are you saying (to name one example) that you *like* the fact that
> mozilla is skin-able?

Yes.  If I had to deal with the attrocity that is their "Modern"
theme, I'd be very upset.  More significantly, I'm upset that their UI
isn't more configurable.  I don't want to have to dig into XUL to find
out how to make backspace page-up again.  I wish I could easily move
the "Print" button back to the left with the other buttons, instead of
just hanging off in space.

> And as for everything already being customizable - a glance around
> the computer science labs in my University shows the majority of
> people haven't even changed their background image, let alone their
> panel, theme, window manager, etc.

So?  Most people don't change their Word setup, but my wife can't live
without her custom setup (which makes it easier to take notes in class
on her laptop).  That's my _point_!  Most people may not need it, but
some people really need it.  If we leave it up to app developers, they
may be like you and decide that few enough people would use it that
it's not worth the hassle.

Sure, I can edit the source, but should I really have to edit the
source for this kind of thing?  Like turning off Alt-Tab in

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