Re: tasklist alert

Michael Livshin <mlivshin bigfoot com> writes:

> "John Harper" <jsh eazel com> writes:
> > the Urgency hint I mentioned is actually part of the original ICCCM,
> FWIW, it's not mentioned anywhere in X11R5 includes.  so it seems to
> be a well-hidden part, and probably will need to be checked for at the
> configuration time.  unless the new GTK isn't going to support X11R5.
> [ I discovered this while building a recent Sawfish on my Solaris
>   2.5.1 (don't ask) machine at work. ]

X11R6 was released in May 1994. As you can imagine, supporting X11R5
is a quite low priority for us at this point.

Though in this case, a workaround is pretty easy:

#ifndef XUrgencyHint
#define XUrgencyHint (1 << 8)

No configure time checks necessary. But, I'm not going to
preemptively try and start working around X11R5 problems myself.

As for the Urgency hint, I'm not completely sure if/how it will
be supported in GTK+-2.0 -- I tend to think that it hasn't been
used because people haven't found a use for it, but maybe it's
also a question of it being useless until both apps and wms support


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