Re: GTCD - Docklet

> On Sun, Jan 14, 2001 at 01:26:12PM -0500, Sean Middleditch wrote:
> > I've added a rudimentary docklet feature to GTCD from gnome-media.  Are
> > the GNOME developers interested in this feature?  I can send a tarball
> > of the changed/added files against gnome-media 1.2.0 to the maintainer
> > if they wish.
> >
> > The docklet shows/hides the main GTCD window, and on a right-click,
> > opens a menu with play, pause (I can't figure out how to make a single
> > option that switched between play/pause - I'm way too unfamiliar with
> > the GNOME API at the moment), stop, next track, previous track,
> > preferences, about, and exit options.
> I think this would be great.  But then again I'm not the maintainer of
that ...
> It would be finally that someone actually started using docklets.

Ack! George, where have you been living? People already use docklets!

firestarter uses them (nice personal firewall setup thingy)
gabber uses them (Jabber GNOME frontend)
xmms has a plug-in that uses it (xmms-docklet I think its called or
xmms-status-docklet - it doesn't come by default with xmms - you'll have to
download it).

Thats about it though :) (unless you start looking for KDE apps that use


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