Re: themes bugs

Matt Keenan <matt keenan ireland sun com> writes:
> I am currently writing a gtkrc theme file editer of sorts "gthemer".
> I am working with the gtkrc file structure that currently is in use but
> GTK+1.2..
> Are there are major/minor changes to this file structure that I should
> be aware
> of when I get around to porting to GTK 2.0. ?
> Is the handling of gtkrc files, parseing etc changed much in GTK 2.0 ?

Mostly adding new stuff instead of removing it. e.g. setting the
colors still works.

There are lots of new features, most importantly style properties:

   GtkToolbar::button_relief = none

and also themes are done differently (this is not in CVS yet):
   theme = "thinice"

(instead of:
   include "/usr/share/themes/thinice/gtk/gtkrc"

Also there are keythemes (not in CVS yet):
 keytheme = "Emacs"

And an official view that Themes Should Not Set The Font.


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