problem with session management in gnome-1.4beta1


 It seems something broke in session management in gnome-1.4beta1 - old apps
(e.g. gnotepad and gxedit) are not restarted if the gnome session was closed
while they were opened (these 2 apps were left from gnome-1.0.53, and they
worked fine with session manager from gnome-1.0.53 as shipped with RH62 as I
remember). All other "fresh" apps like gnome control center are restored when
the session is started. That's very suspicious.

 Also, mutlisession code in gnome-1.4b1 seems not to work at all - the last
session I saved gets restored independant of what gnome session I choose as
default in gnomecc applet. I played (without hacking) with it and failed to
see it working.

 I'm talking about precompiled packages of gnome-1.4b1 from ximian, for RH62.

 Best regards,

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