Re: gnome-libs and DB3

On Sun, 18 Mar 2001, Matthew Schalit wrote:

> Ok.  Apparently they released a new version since I built mine in February.
> Let's give that one a try right now....
> Ok.  I tried 3.2.9 and I can get it to ouput a __db185_open like you mentioned.
> Given that fact, it appears that it would pass the current gnome-libs configure 
> conftest.  I don't know whether it would work in practice though, because, as 
> I mentioned, any version above 2.7.7 breaks db185 compatability due to the removal 
> of functions like dbopen().  

It removes those functions, but adds defines that map the 1.85 API to
different symbol names.  This means that you can link 1.85 and 3 to the
same app if you wanted.  It also means that configure tests that don't
include the correct header won't find the symbols:

I don't think this bug has been fixed yet.


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