Re: gnome-libs and DB3

Drazen Kacar wrote:
> Matthew Schalit wrote:
> > I'm getting it now.  My main problem was getting any __db185_open at all.
> > Now that that's fixed, I might try it myself.  My whole Gnome setup doesn't
> > really work too well with Enlightenment 16.5, all done with gcc,
> > and gnu-make 3.79.1 because of MIT-SHM X Shared Memory problems, but that's
> > probably due to my running the stock X11, not XFree86.
> I wonder. Could it be because your (default) kernel settings for SHM
> limits are too small? If that's the case, X server can't do much about it
> (or shouldn't, even if it can).

I searched the net and also found that potential solution of
raising kernel shm values a few weeks ago, tried that, no difference.
I learned that one from some Solaris guys.  I originally learned to
use BDB 2.7.7 from a different Solaris guy here on this list in
late January/ early February.  He was even more convinced about
2.7.7 than I am.  You might want to read that and see if you
recognize him.  Darned Solaris guys :)

The folks at suggest that SCO's 
SHM implementation is buggy.  I was going to try Sawfish
for my next go around in a few days, then toss in Xfree86
and see if I can derive any pattern.


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