Re: Difference between ORBIT and Shared Library ?

On 26 Mar 2001 01:21:51 +1200, Franck Martin wrote:
> I have downloaded the source code of gnome-db, and it is very interesting. This is
> the kind of stuff I want to do. However I'm sceptic about the CORBA stuff.

I'm glad you find gnome-db interesting :-)

> Ok, the IDL creates CORBA C code, which then gets compiled in a library. But it
> seems that the client code still needs the .h from the orbit-idl to learn about the
> corba procedures that can be run. Why is that so? Theoritically corba interface

because in that .h file are all the structs/functions etc generated by
the IDL compiler and needed to compile both the client and the CORBA
object implementation. So, you really need only the IDL file, and then,
with the IDL compiler, you generate code for the language supported by
your CORBA ORB (in this case C, although with ORBit you can use C++ and

> should be able to be called by querying a corba service at run time? 

yes, it is at run time, but you need to know which interfaces you're
going to use. That's why you need the IDL and the IDL compiler to
generate code from it.

> Is it that the multilanguage part of corba is uniquely done by producing language
> biding via the IDL spec?

yes. But well, I think it is enough. The IDL just says what the
interfaces look like, it says nothing about the implementation, so
having the IDL, you can choose to implement it as you want and in the
language you prefer, and thanks to CORBA, it will be able to talk with
other CORBA objects regardless of the language they were coded in, and
the machine they're running in.

Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org> <rodrigo ximian com>

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