Re: Anjuta 0.1.4 release for Gnome 1.4 (was Re: Final package deadline for GNOME 1.4)

"David M." wrote:

> Does Anjuta support C++ yet? last I downloaded it, it did not support C++.
> If not do you have an rough estimate as to when it will?

That was what I've been afraid of when I skipped Anjuta 0.1.3 from Gnome
releases. Actually, the changes I have given is for Anjuta 0.1.4 *wrt* Anjuta

Since, Anjuta 0.1.3 was not announced officially for Gnome (It was announced
as the Alpha release for the developers only), I am giving the ChangeLog of
Anjuta-0.1.3 *wrt* Anjuta-0.1.2 (which probably is the version you are
using right now. The list is a bit long. :-).

New in Anjuta 0.1.3 (wrt Anjuta 0.1.2):
     1.=> Anjuta now integrates Scintilla editing component:
                           Automatic syntax hilighting (using lexers).
                           Code folding/hiding .
                           Linenumbers/markers display.
                           Text zoomming.
                           Text autocompletion
                           Automatic indentation and indentation guides
                           ... and much more.

    2.=> Dynamic Project Management:
                           Anjuta no longer uses the templete based project
                           Provides project configuration.
                           Added two more modules in project management:
                           (Help module and Translation module).
                           Added BONOBO support and BONOBO application
                            Support for C++ prjects.

     3.=> Java style Properties management:
                           Now uses Java style properties management. Which
                           makes it highly configurable, both from
                           and user's side.

      4.=> Supports for Other languages added:
                           Java, Perl, Python, LaTeX, ... and others can be

      5.=> On-Board command editor:
                           Facilates customization of commands used for
                           compiling, building and execution.

      6.=> Provides Hilite style editor:
                           Used for custumizing Syntax hiliting style.

      7.=> More inteligent messaging system:
                           Now error messages (or messages in general) can be

                           browsed using goto Prev/Next message, goto
start/end of
                           block and goto matching braces.

      8.=> Bookmarks management:
                           Anjuta has now supported Bookmarks management.

      9.=> Debugger:
                           Now breakpoints can be toggled Onboard.
                           Added Run to cursor.
                           Fixed some earlier bugs.

      10.=> Added Two more toolbars:
                           Browser toolbar for browsing messages, bookmarks
                           code blocks.
                           Format toolbar for easy formating of code

      11.=> Application GUI:
                           Smarter and more informative status bar.
                           Improved memory to remember Application GUI
                           configuration between sessions.

> > The following Fixes were made in Anjuta 0.1.4: (wrt Anjuta 0.1.3):
> >--------------------------------------------

> >

> > 1) Vital bug fix in Project Management that inhibits the
> >        users having old glade from generating project.
> >
> > 2) Fixed segfault in clean project.
> >
> > 3)  Fixed project dir creation bug.
> >
> > 4)  Fixed double accelerators bug.
> >
> > 5)  Fixed pixmap creation with NULL window.
> >
> > 6)  Fixed i18n bug in menubar.
> >
> > 7)  Debugger now takes program args.
> >
> > 8)  Added japanese translation file.
> >
> > 9)  ... Fixed other minor bugs.

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