Re: Developing and Testing panel applets

> Probably very little, and it's not something that you should optimise
> against unless you know that it's a problem. You want to make life more
> difficult to solve a (so far only) imagined problem. NOTABUG.
OK, let's ask some gurus here - what would be their estimations of the
gnome per-app segments? And saving some resource - well, everyone
decides for himself whether this problem worth any efforts.

I do not WANT to make life difficult. It is already difficult enough
(and this make it even more beautiful:). Actually, my personal reason to
promote shlibs is following: porting my applet to shlib helped me to
clean some code (because in the application I could afford to be not
accurate and disciplined). Thanks to shlib.

So, it is just matter of lifestyle. People who do not want to waste
their time making the applet very nice and disciplined shlib (just to
save a bit of resources) - they go for apps. Others will follow me:)
Thanks to gnome 2 for providing the choice:)


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