Re: ? gnome_startup_acquire_token in GNOME2

> It hasn't changed much, no, but it's easy enough to get latest code.
Yes I know...:)

> This particular problem is a bit tricky; basically what you want to do is have 
> applications set their icon as a session property, then have the session manager 
> record the icon in the session file. So it involves both libgnomeui and 
> gnome-session enhancements.
I see your idea. But in the "FIXME" text is see gnome-session wants to
"deduce" the pixmap name from the app name. Or do I get it wrong? So the
application "appname" would be represented by some icon "appname.png"
(or any other directly derived name). 

/* FIXME: we should allow arbitrary apps to install
           stuff here, by mangling the app name to a pixmap
           name */

This "mangling" causes me to think the way I described above. Why this
approach cannot be used? This would require no API changes... Or do you
really think someone would like to set the pixmap name at runtime?



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