Re: FUD about security and file extensions (was Re: Why file content sniffing sucks)

Em Qui, 2003-12-25 ās 22:31, Ryan McDougall escreveu:

> Neither MIME database or suffix based ways are going to be perfect, so
> we should be constraining our ideas to what ways we can get them to work
> together.

Indeed. None of them is the complete solution. See:

Content sniffing is very useful (and does not kill the performance) in
many tasks:

1. Mail clients: checking type of mail attachments 
2. Web browsers: discovering type of downloaded files from broken web
3. File manager: figuring out how to open an unknown file

This list is far from complete.

Content sniffing is only not good when used massively, in batch, like
nautilus+gnomevfs does now.

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