Re: Bug in libghttp (with patch)

>>>>> "David" == David Hampton <hampton employees org> writes:

    David> I'm not sure where to report this problem since there's no
    David> ghttp or libghttp component in and there
    David> doesn't appear to be a ghttp mailing list.  Can someone
    David> here redirect this to the right place?

    David> The problem occurs when ghttp is used in a language that
    David> uses the comma character as the decimal point. Ghttp sends
    David> the http version field as "HTTP/1,1" instead of "HTTP/1.1"
    David> and Apache rejects this as a badly formatted request.  This
    David> happens because the version is being printed as a floating
    David> point number instead of as major/minor numbers separated by
    David> the '.' character.  The attached patch will correct this
    David> problem.

    David> This is in libghttp-1.0.9.

I can't comment on the desirability of splitting out the major/minor
versions, but to simply fix the locale problem other part of gnome
have solved this by setting the local to "C", and restoring the old
one after using any of the printf type functions.

I found this in AbiWord's PS output while in a Portuguese locale.



Desktop Services Team, EUCS.

University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

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