Need help in porting from 1.4 to 2.x


I am the author of DrGenius, a Gnome interactive geometry software
( It is currenly developped with
Gnome-1.4, it also use Guile as an embedded intepretor to script
geometry figure items. 

When I have started to look at the load of rework necessary to port to
Gnome 2.x I was confinced I need help to do the job on the interface. I
know people expect for a Gnome 2.x base version so Drgenius could be
available in their native language (in particular Hindi). What I am
looking for is a brave soul with Gnome development knowledge to take
over the port process, as far as I am concern I am busy with the core of
the application and in particular extending the Guile Scriptability and
also port to Guile 1.6 (again !)

I can sum up quicly what need to be rewritten at the user interface

1. Rewritting a MVC model independant of the GnomeMDI, it has been

2. gnome-config -> gconf port 

3. .glade 1 ->.glade 2 user interface. I have already updated to Glade2 but
rework in the source code is needed because of deprecated widget in
Gnome and GTK+ (GnomeProperty, CList)

4. Various rewrite related to deprecated GnomeEntry, GnomeAbout, etc.

This is quite a big job and I really hope to find someone to help.



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