Re: LibXML2 Indentation

On Thu, 2003-05-01 at 17:06, Sean Middleditch wrote:
> If you won't use the proper tools, that's your own fault.  If you want
> to use a hammer to put a screw in a board, well, have fun; don't
> complain to Craftsman about how hard it is to build a tree house that
> way, tho.  ~,^

Well, A lot of people still use a normal EDITOR to edit HTML pages
instead of an HTML-editing related TOOL. A lot of people still use VIM
or EMACS to edit sourcecode rather than using an IDE which is supposed
to do this job. But that's not the point.

> Right.  It'll likely take only a one-line patch to gconf to add this. 
> Submitting said patch to gconf in bugzilla with a quick explanation
> would probably have saved this whole conversation from ever happening,
> altho at least perhaps some people are now more educated on what XML is,
> and so on.  ;-)

You may have missed some of the comments made from others.

A general solution would be wonderful so everyone could benefit from it
and not just some participiants. I share some points from Bill Haneman,
Allin Cottrell, Jan Van Buggenhout and Rui Miguel Seabra.

They all came up with the question "What purpose does XML have if it's
not human readable ?" and the AIM of XML is to be human readable.

By the way this wasn't meant to be a flame or something just some
constructive feedback that I think is worth thinking about. I'm not
responsible if some people can't compare between comment and flames

Friendly regards,

Ali Akcaagac

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