button order

I don't use KDE/gnome/firefox/gtk2. I use Windowmaker/opera/gtk1. I've heard
numerous complaints from firefox users due to your latest dictatoric button
order change. I've just took my time to read upon this issue.

I'd like to know the names of the people responsive for this global shit, so if
I ever meet them, I can laugh my ass off while pointing to their general

Another issue is the critical mindsickness of whoever wrote that 13 (!)
chapters of Gnome "HIG". It reads:

>	Users will learn to use your program faster, because interface           
>	elements will look and behave the way they are used to.

No comment (except that I had a nice ROTFL). The whole purpose of all this
documentation is that you can cover your sorry asses with false (but
documented, yeeehaa!) facts. You, dear gnome decision makers, are totally
clueless, and should be banned from using any computer which has more than 16k
of memory (preferably some old Apple box so you can enjoy your shit, and stay
away from forcing it on others).

P.s.: of course after you read this, you'll be even more sure of your own
      righteousness, and will be even more certain that anyone who doesn't like
      your "bottom-right-OK-button" dogma is a total idiot (it seems you just
      refuse to accept the facts, that's why I'm writing this mail in this
      way). That's just fine - normal human reaction. A few years later you'll
      realize your critical mistake, either by yourselves, or after being
      bashed into a concrete wall several times. Best of luck to you all!

Bérczi Gábor

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