Re: button order

Hi Gabucino,

> I'd like to know the names of the people responsive for this global shit, so if
> I ever meet them, I can laugh my ass off while pointing to their general
> direction.
> Another issue is the critical mindsickness of whoever wrote that 13 (!)
> chapters of Gnome "HIG". It reads:

The problem with your attitude is quite simply that people will not even
read your mail because you are being an asshole about how you word it.

If you want to really discuss an issue, you could do that.  Putting it
like this is just flamebait.  While it has been historically a trait of
mplayer developers to widely kick and scream all around them, it won't
get the points in your mail any consideration.

Like pretty much else, I'm not even reading your actual points because
your style is rude and invites people to ignore your mail.

Please consider doing a decent post or not using GNOME at all.


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