Re: I've created the GEdit replacemnt

On tis, 2004-07-06 at 10:21 +0600, Victor Porton wrote:
> On 05-Jul-2004 James Willcox wrote:


> Hm, the last time I checked GEdit, it was a GTK 1,2 program... I've written
> a GTK 2.x program... Now I see that GEdit was switched to GTK 2.x. But is
> it really ported well or just hacked? I'm not sure. (I've not yet
> downloaded Gedit.)

> Anyway (at least so was in the past), GEdit running produced many GTK/GLib
> warnings showing that it is not well written, clean program. My gtk2edit
> runs without any GLib warnings.

GEdit is a very well written program, so in case it is as you states
things have changed a lot since you last (a couple of years ago as it
sounds) looked at it.

> Additionally gtk2edit contains several new technologies for future GTK. It
> may be a base for features probably of GTK 2.6, 2.8 or 3.0. It is probably
> more important than the editor itself.

What kind of technologies are you referring to here?

> The conclusion: the right good thing for anybody, both Gnome and Extreme
> Code, is for now to have both editors in Gnome in parallel; in the future I
> deem Gedit should be replaced with gtk2edit.

I don't see any reason to include yet another editor in GNOME that
pretty much does the same (less even) than the one we already have. I
can totally see it being benificial for your company, but hardly for

Best Regards,
  Mikael Hallendal
Imendio HB,

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