Re: button order

Gabucino wrote:
I don't use KDE/gnome/firefox/gtk2. I use Windowmaker/opera/gtk1. I've heard
numerous complaints from firefox users due to your latest dictatoric button
order change. I've just took my time to read upon this issue.

I'd like to know the names of the people responsive for this global shit, so if
I ever meet them, I can laugh my ass off while pointing to their general

His name is Steve Jobs.

Yes, it's true. The right-to-left button order is first used by the oh-so-userfriendly MacOS X. Everybody at Slashdot, OSNews, and other sites always praise OS X because it's so perfect, userfriendly and well-designed. OS X cannot possibly have any user interface design flaws (or so they so). GNOME simply follows MacOS X's perfection. ;)

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