Re: button order

On Mon, 2004-07-05 at 20:43, Gabucino wrote:
> I don't use KDE/gnome/firefox/gtk2

Thank god!  It's so good to hear complaints from someone who doesn't
even use Gnome. =)

> . I use Windowmaker/opera/gtk1. I've heard
> numerous complaints from firefox users due to your latest dictatoric button
> order change. I've just took my time to read upon this issue.

That's odd, I have only heard good things from users of Firefox.  Normal
people, mind you.  They aren't programmers or slashdot religious
fanatics.  Just people who like Firefox over IE.  They never mentioned
button order.

This is not to suggest your people are lying.  On the contrary, I am
just shocked that the people that I know (who are obviously less
technical than the people you know) don't have a problem with button

> I'd like to know the names of the people responsive for this global shit, so if

Steve Jobs.

> I ever meet them, I can laugh my ass off while pointing to their general
> direction.

But not pointing at them, right? You wouldn't want to be rude.

> Another issue is the critical mindsickness of whoever wrote that 13 (!)
> chapters of Gnome "HIG". It reads:

IIRC, Sun played a part in that.

> >	Users will learn to use your program faster, because interface           
> >	elements will look and behave the way they are used to.
> No comment (except that I had a nice ROTFL). The whole purpose of all this

You must be a happy-happy joy-joy person, always laughing.

> documentation is that you can cover your sorry asses with false (but
> documented, yeeehaa!) facts. You, dear gnome decision makers, are totally

Unless I am mistaken, the document was done up after usability testing
was performed on users, and the results were written up in the
document.  However, I am sure your expert users have written up their
own study.  Could you please send me that study?

> clueless, and should be banned from using any computer which has more than 16k
> of memory (preferably some old Apple box so you can enjoy your shit, and stay
> away from forcing it on others).

Okay, you have me confused?  Were you forced into using "shit?" 
Seriously, please tell me who forced your hand and made you use this
"shit," and I will personally take care of the situation.

> P.s.: of course after you read this, you'll be even more sure of your own
>       righteousness, and will be even more certain that anyone who doesn't like

No, on the contrary, your artful use of the english language, as well as
overwhelming proof of righteousness has shown me the light.

>       your "bottom-right-OK-button" dogma is a total idiot (it seems you just
>       refuse to accept the facts, that's why I'm writing this mail in this

Refuse to accept what facts?  I fear you have contradicted yourself. 
You have already stated that we accepted "false facts," which are facts
in the state of being false, but facts nonetheless.  Therefore, we have
accepted facts.  If your reason for writing this email is because of our
refusal "to accept the facts," then I apologize, but as you have already
shown, we do "accept the facts."

>       way). That's just fine - normal human reaction. A few years later you'll
>       realize your critical mistake, either by yourselves, or after being
>       bashed into a concrete wall several times. Best of luck to you all!

Oh, thank you very much for wishing us the best of luck.  I wish I could
return the sentiment, however, it clearly seems as if you are already
full of "luck" and I should save my oddles of luck for someone else that
needs it.

Thank you for your enlightening email.  Unfortunately, I am not a gnome
developer, merely a lurker here.  But I am sure the countless gnome
developers are more than grateful for your well wishes and carefully
constructed advice.

Jason Lotito

P.S. How is mplayer development going? I love the interface.  It's so
much fun to use.  I mean, seriously, using the command line as your
primary interface makes mplayer the best media player out there.  I
can't for the life of me understand why my friends prefer Totem, Real,
or Windows Media Player.  I mean, GUI interfaces are so overrated.


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