Re: I've created the GEdit replacemnt


If you're not getting a strong positive reception here, I think
it's more about community than anything else -- you've come to
the GNOME project saying "your editor is not very good, mine is
better".  But a more community-oriented approach might be to say,
here are a set of patches to the Gnome 2.6/CVS HEAD gedit to fix
such-and-such an error, or, what do people think about adding code
for XML element completion and here's a patch to do it... in other
words sharing the design process.

Above all else, open source is about community, about sharing.
Free software, that is, software people have the right to use,
modify and share, is also about sharing.

The Gnome community can be very supportive and welcoming -- drop
by the #gnome IRC channel some time, perhaps, or mail here, if you
want more specific ways you can contribute in the future.


Liam (Ankh on IRC)

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