Re: Two ideas that could make people love GNOME even more

> Nils O. Selåsdal wrote:
>> Nice. Perhaps.
>> Does it deal with most things mentioned at
>> ?
> No. The only thing my app does is keeping the clipboard content in
> memory. That email mentions 4 problems:
> 1. Data transfer: a while ago people discussed about the design of a new
>   clipboard. That discussion died and nothing had been written. I can
> only conclude that nobody really knows how to deal with the problem.
> People talked about scenarios like copying 200 MB of video data to
> clipboard, *and* keeping that in memory after the video editing app has
> exited, or something like that.

And Hongli added an opt-out mechanism to avoid this problem.

Hongli's done a good job with this, I think.

> 2. Clipboard owner exit: it is indeed impossible to know when the
> clipboard owner is about to exit. This must be implemented at the X level.
> 3. Clipboard format: this is an application problem. Fix the applications.
> 4. Clipboard ownership change: this is now possible with the XFIXES
> extension. GTK 2.6 has support for this, I think.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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