Re: My Critics about nautilus

Kalle Vahlman <kalle vahlman gmail com> writes:

> So you don't have any files/folders that have over 3 letters in their
> name? Perhaps it would be useful to show file/folder names ranging
> from 3-20 letters at the same situation to actually have something to
> discuss.

The tighter view does still have enough room for 10-15 letters and
even if that isn't enough, you just break the lines or go for
"myverylongfilen..." style names. Beside that, I am not saying that
the screenshot shows the perfect layout for the icons (its just a
quick mockup by doubling the number of icons in the window), just that
the current icon layout is by far to wide, making it extremly hard to
browse larger directories, since to much scrolling is needed.

>> In general I feel that nautilus is really lacking any kind of view
>> that is useable for folders with large number of files, be it a
>> grided-compact layout or a smallicon view such as:
>> If I currently try to configure nautilus to give text beside icons and
>> such and zoom out a bit I only end up with such unusable results:
> If you want the listview,

I don't want Nautilus detailed listview, for larger directories it is
even more useless than the iconview, since the number of visible files
goes down to something like 10-15 there, icon view is still able to
show double as much icons, a proper smallicons view like in rox or
konq on the other side is able to display like 70-90 icons in the same

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