Re: .Net/Mono and C# in GNOME? Do we really need it?

2006/12/28, Wouter Bolsterlee <uws+gnome xs4all nl>:
2006-12-28 klockan 07:24 skrev Tomasz Sterna:
> If we really want to develop code in object oriented language, with all
> the fancy syntactic sugar, garbage collection etc.
> can't we just use D to achieve it?

Or Python, which is already an accepted Gnome language. Furthermore, lots of
people have experience using Python and several parts of the standard Gnome
desktop are written using Python, eg. some gnome-applets, deskbar-applet,
pessulus, sabayon.

Or [favourite OO-language], which beats [whatever was already decided
on months ago] since it has [my favourite feature #1] and [my
favourite feature #2] while [whatever was already decided on months
ago] only has [insignificant feature to me].

And while you're at it, switch the SCM to [favourite SCM] instead of
[whatever was already decided on months ago] (see above for good


P.S. If you don't spot the sarcasm, please ignore this message

Kalle Vahlman, zuh iki fi
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