Re: Gnome and scan UI.

В Втр, 07/03/2006 в 19:08 +0100, Étienne Bersac пишет:
> Hello,
> Thank you for your interest.
> > To say about design it's probably better to
> > have an app then a library since I don't see much reusable points in
> > scan functionality.
> GnomePrint ship a cool dialog widget to launch a printing job. We  
> should have a dialog widget acquiring at least picture (especially  
> photos). We should even ship a dialog to import multipage document  
> into one text with gocr. This is a pretty good feature for Abiword.

Please not that libgnomeprint/libgnomeprintui is quite outdated library 
and I wouldn't advise to take it as example. It's better to look on
new printing work for GTK, for example this thread:

There were other discussions during last month on usability-list and on 
gtk-devel list with new printing dialog mockups and so on.

> > Of course, application can be modular enough and
> > contain internal libraries. It's just interesting to know, is it
> > possible to do the changes in xsane itself or at least reuse some  
> > xsane
> > code?
> I have source of xsane to see an implementation of a sane frontend  
> but the code is not commented enough, this program is intend to be  
> multiplatform and do not use libglade. Nevertheless, key features  
> like crop picture before scanning and other such as fax and e-mailing  
> can easyly be imported.
> We should start simple. A tiny application with good code hierarchy  
> will be a first step toward a shared library. Just think to what mead  
> GTK : The Gimp ToolKit :)

Printing library is required for many applications but I don't see much
use of scanning functionality _inside_ AbiWord. Isn't it better to have
scanner app managed by remote (say dbus) interface that can produce
documents for later import of them. Of course this just requires design
decision. I would say it's better to have a managed app and the
advantage of an application is that you can make it's development
significantly faster by using modern language.

> > Of course, you might also consider using different language then
> > C, that will make development much faster.
> I never heard about libsane binding in other language than C. I wanna  
> learn glib programming, gobject and gtype manipulation etc. writing  
> this library in C is the promess to have a easy portable and  
> "bindable" library. I like C programming :)
> > And, if you have some questions about GNOME programming, feel free to
> > ask here or on gnome-love list.
> I will remember :)
> For the conception aspect. I'm currently playing with libsane,  
> libglade and try to plan what is the basis of scan frontend. Maybe  
> discussions with Oliver Rauch (the great xsane developer) will help.  
> At the present, I wonder what is the infrastructure that allow  
> development of library such as libgnomeprint and so on. Wiki ? ML ?  
> IRC ? Jabber ? Single developer in each corner ? Don't know. "Welcome  
> to the open source world !" :)

You can use free OSS hosting like or to start. If you
already have gnome-complaint application you may request bugzilla
product on, directory and some dir for
your project in gnome cvs. You can easily create new channel on and page on gnome wiki - is
also a good place to register your app. But it's really hard to be GNOME
application, you might want to look here

for the list of required functionality

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