Re: Gnome and scan UI.


Please not that libgnomeprint/libgnomeprintui is quite outdated library
and I wouldn't advise to take it as example. It's better to look on
new printing work for GTK, for example this thread:
Yes, i heard somethings about this. Thank you for the link. libgnomeprint and egg have the same goals : provide abstraction and widget to handle printing. This is what i want to refer to when i talk about libgnomeprint. libgnomescan should abstract sane and ship HIG widget easy to use both for users and developers.

Printing library is required for many applications but I don't see much use of scanning functionality _inside_ AbiWord. Isn't it better to have
scanner app managed by remote (say dbus) interface that can produce
documents for later import of them. Of course this just requires design
decision. I would say it's better to have a managed app and the
advantage of an application is that you can make it's development
significantly faster by using modern language.
Just think to a plugin for Abiword which add a "scan document" aside from "import document or event start a document from paper. This is great features somes people like and that make the difference. Of course, this keep being a plugin.

You can use free OSS hosting like or to start. If you
already have gnome-complaint application you may request bugzilla
product on, directory and some dir for
your project in gnome cvs. You can easily create new channel on and page on gnome wiki - is also a good place to register your app. But it's really hard to be GNOME
application, you might want to look here
Yes, i'm aware that it is easy to publish a gtk+ app (see http:// ), but very hard to be part of the GNOME project. I do not intend to import my code into Gnome project. I'm waiting for some Gnome guru to catch up ideas and code. I'm far from able to manage such a project. I'm 20 years old and quite noobs in C/glib/gtk/... programming. No pretentions.


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